Sharon Fraser Music

Gospel Recording Artiste with
that Caribbean Island vibe

Let the music inspire you CHOICE * PASSION * DETERMINATION *

Sharon Fraser is an award-winning gospel singer/songwriter from the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago whose genres include calypso and soca.  She possesses an infectious stage presence that captivates her audiences and continues to take her powerful vocal performances across the Caribbean region.

 Artiste Statement
I am a motivated individual with a pleasant personality, strong knowledge of who I am and what I represent.
As a leader, I can follow. As one who understands power, I can be humble. Confident in my ability to speak, I know when to be quiet. Though creative and resourceful, I am comfortable asking for your help. In recognition of who I am, I rely on my God. Knowing the seriousness of my calling, I remain a pleasant personality. With so much entrusted to me, I strive to be better. Grounded in the knowledge that one day, all will be called to account. 

Sharon Fraser


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Background vocal team


The Backline vocals at the "Jesus Is" concert

The Choir


A portion of the Greater Malabar Christian Center choir at the "Jesus Is" concert.



The brass band



Two members of The Acapella Voices of The Family Worship Centre.